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Watch USA vs Canada 2010 live stream Olympic men's Hockey championship

Watch USA vs Canada live stream 2010 Olympic men's hockey finals. It was only a preliminary round when USA and Canada first meet in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic game and USA team won that battle. Now, they will meet again with the men’s hockey gold medal on the line. USA hope to to do so on the 50th anniversary of winning its first gold, and 30 years after the Miracle on Ice team literally came out of nowhere to stun the international hockey world on its grandest stage.

Meawhile, Canada look for a revenge on there lost during the preliminary round. It was only the first time that Canada lost to USA since 1960. Who will take home the men's hockey gold medal? Just watch USA vs Canada 2010 Olympic men's hockey championship match on Feb. 28, 12:15 PM PST at Canada Hockey Place.

Streaming starts at game time


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