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Mouse Hunt with homemade mouse trap

Every night we are always been disturbed by the noises that the rats have been creating in our room. When we turned off the lights they will going to start their thing, scratching on the plywood walls, running back and forth are the few things that they've been doing. There are also times that they would climb to our bed and bite us. Because of this one of my room mate set up a trap in one of the corner of the room where the rats always passes.

mouse traphomemade mouse trap
The trap is just very simple, it is just made of a piece of bamboo stick and a nylon string but it is effective. The trap is called "tigsuhot" (which means pass under) in our dialect and catches its victim on the neck giving a very little chances of escaping.

And finally, after an hour that the trap has been set up and we are also about to sleep, the trap suddenly flips and something is struggling on it. We rushed to stand on our bed and turned on the light and bingo, we captured one. One of my roommate get a nail cutter and try to cut the nails of the rat and I don't know why he do that but after that the poor rat died. We didn't noticed that the string on its neck tightens.

homemade mouse trapmouse trapWe just throw the dead rat and thanks God that there is no one of us likes to eat rat or else the rat end up on a pan sauteed with onion and garlic. We set up the trap again but unfortunately it didn't capture another rat until the morning but until now the trap is still on our room.

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