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Ultimate Fighter Josh Barnett positive for steroid

Less than two weeks before his fight to Fedor Emelianenko in Anaheim, California, the former heavy weight champion Josh Barnett was scrapped from the main event of the Affliction: Trilogy after being tested positive for using steroid.

The drug test to Barnett was taken June 25 and it came back positive for anabolic steroids which then gives the reason for the California State Athletic Commission not to give the MMA star a license to fight on the MMA Affliction card. The commission learned of the results Tuesday and immediately denied Barnett a license.

According to the commission, Barnett's sample was tested at the World Anti-Doping Agency facility at UCLA and Barnett has the right to appeal the denial of his license.

The fight between Josh Barnett and Fedor Emelianenko was the main event in the Affliction: Trilogy and was already set on August 1 at the Honda Center.


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