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Watch 2010 Elimination Chamber live stream

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber 2010 is another hellish event from the World Wrestling Entertainment that will surely give us another entertainment this weekend. Watch Elimination Chamber 2010 live streaming on pay-per-view to find out who would take home the title of this year's edition of Elimination Chamber. This WWE event will feature top six superstar that will battle inside the chamber for the coveted Celtic Warrior's title.

After the Royal Rumble 2010 here comes another thrilling and nerve breaking event from the World Wrestling Entertainment - the 2010 WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. Just like the 2010 Royal Rumble earlier this year, expect another hellish match from the six of Raw's top Superstars.

Elimination Chamber is a battle of a six people, how ever only 2 will start the match while the other are enclosed in glass pods. And one by one, the other competitor will be release and enter the match. The winner will be the last man standing in the chamber. Last year, Edge took the title after defeating Kofi Kingston and became the World Heavyweight Champion.

The competitors in the 2010 Elimination Chamber are composed of WWE Champion Sheamus saw John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Kofi Kingston. Who will take home the Celtic Warrior's title? Just watch Championship Elimination Chamber 2010 live streaming as it airs on Sunday, Feb. 21 on pay-per-view.


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