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Watch Cowboys vs Eagles 2010 live stream NFL week 17

Watch Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL week 17 match. Both teams already secured a playoff spots but this wont stop Cowboys and Eagles from going all-out to beat each other on Sunday night. The winner will become the NF East title and a possibly first-round bye. Last year, Eagles and Cowboys also met to close the regular season. Eagles won 44-6 and got a playoff berth while Cowboys went home for the winter.

Cowboys look to win its second division title in three years while Eagles seeks its first since 2006. A win for the Eagles will put them on the no. 2 spot in the NFC and get a week rest before beginning the playoffs. While Cowboys, can earn a bye provided that the Vikings lose to New York Giants, Arizona losses to Green Bay Packers and they win against the Eagles. Who will earn a first-week bye? Just watch Cowboys vs Eagles 2010 live at the Cowboys Stadium. Eagles vs Cowboys game time start 4:15 pm EST Sun Jan 3, 2010. Stay tune and watch Eagles vs Cowboys live stream on FOX for the NFL week 17 score and result.


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