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Watch BCS Championship 2010 live stream - Alabama vs Texas online

Watch Alabama and Texas as they square off for the BCS Championship 2010 at the Rose Bowl NCAA Football. This two powerhouse undefeated team won few trophies the past month but also are desperately want to add one more to their names. Texas look for its second BCS championship in five years. Back in 2005 season, Texas defeated Southern California 41-38 for the title. The task for Texas would not be a walk in a park as they faces Alabama team who dominated defending BCS champion Florida 32-13 in the SEC title game Dec. 5, snapping the then-No. 1 Florida's 22-game winning streak.

Texas has 49 bowl appearances already, the second-most over-all while Alabama has played in an NCAA-record 57 bowl games and is tied with USC for the most wins with 31. Who will win the BCS championship in Alabama vs Texas game? Find it out on BCS Championship live stream online, game start at 8:00 pm EST Thu Jan 7, 2010.


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