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Worm Grunting - Dirty Jobs season 5 episode 2

What is worm grunting all about? Worm Grunting is a methods of attracting earthworms from the grounds usually to collect for bait for fishing. It is also known as worm charming and worm fiddling and the person who do the job is called Worm Grunter

On Dirty Jobs Season 5 Episode 22 which is entitled Worm Grunter, Mike Rowe will learn how to do it as he go to Florida to harvest clams at Alligator Harbor Aquatc Preserve, he will try the worm grunting at the Apalachicola National Forest.

Watch Dirty Jobs: Worm Grunter as it airs on Tuesday December 22 2009 on Discovery channel at 9pm.

Here is a video on how to do the worm grunting.


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