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Sing-off TV special premieres, Ben Folds as judge

A lot of Christmas event is coming to town as Christmas is fast approaching, and one of this event is the Sing-off. If you didn't know about Sing-off yet just read below.

"The Sing-Off" is a four night special holiday event that begins Monday, December 14 at 8pm ET through 10pm ET. Former 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey will be hosting the event which should draw our attention away immediately, but considering singer/song-writer Ben Folds is one of the judges, we may stick around after all. According to reports, "The Sing-Off" is like "American Idol" for cappella groups. The show premiered tonight and will continue on both Tuesday and Wednesday night with a live finale scheduled for December 21. Sounds like a nice little Christmas event the whole family can enjoy. So be sure to tune in tomorrow night at 8pm ET as this special event continues.

In addition, eight a cappella groups will be competing for a $100,000 prize and an Epic Records/Sony recording contract. Other judges of the show are Shawn Stockman and Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger.

Sing-off video preview

Here are the list of the contesting groups:
  • Beelzebubs - Medford, Mass.
  • Maxx factor - Baltimore, Maryland
  • Molo - Omaha, Nebraska
  • Moices of lee - Cleveland, Tennessee 
  • The SoCals - Los Angeles, California
  • Byu noteworthy - Provo, Utah
  • Nota - San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Face - Boulder, Colorado
Sing-off live stream can be watch on



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