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Watch Dolphins vs Panthers 2009 live stream - NFL week 11 Thursday football

Watch Panthers vs Dolphins 2009 live in the NFL week 11 Thursday match. Dolphins vs Panthers would be a battle of runs, as both teams, made a season-saving victories last weekend with powerful running games. Carolina Panthers won 28-19 over Atlanta on Sunday which improved their standing to 4-5 and put them one game behind the Falcons, Packers, Eagles and Giants in the wild-card phase. Meanwhile, Miami Dolphins avoided to dropped to 3-6 on Sunday against the Buccaneers. Dolphins won 25-23 via Dan Carpenter’s 25-yard field goal under 1:14 left in the game. Panthers and Dolphins both began 0-3 after winning their respective division titles in 2008 and with that poor start, no team has made the playoffs since the 1998 Detroit Lions. Carolina has never beaten the Dolphins in three meetings and hasn’t faced them in Charlotte since Nov. 15, 1998. Watch Panthers vs Dolphins 2009 live at Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte. Dolphins vs Panthers 2009 game time start 8:20 pm EST Thu Nov 19, 2009 and stay tune to NFL TV for the Dolphins Panthers score and NFL week 11 result.


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