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Black friday ads 2009 by BestBuy

Black Friday ad deals 2009 is the hottest trends this week, and one of the hotspot for the black Friday shoppers is the Best Buy. It is said that, BestBuy ads 2009 has a lot of great items to choose from. According to Tech Banyan you can get a Compaq netbook with 160 GB hard drive for $179.99 while you can get a McBook plus a $150 Best Buy car for only $999. An iPod touch 3rd generation is only $199.99 with a free $30 gift card to boot.

The Black Friday 2009 deals by Best Buy are amazing this week but also consider to drop by at Walmart, Target and other shopping places for a greater Black Friday 2009 deals.


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Black Friday Ads 2009 said...

By now most everyone is familiar with the term Black Friday 2009, the big shopping day right after Thanksgiving Day. Retail store, including Walmart, open their doors early and lure shoppers in with incredible bargains on certain merchandise. Like others on Thanksgiving Day, Walmart limits these sales to just a few hours, but the items are usually gone well before the deadline.