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Watch Eastwick season 1 episode 3 online | Madams and Madames preview

Watch Eastwick episode 3 as it airs on Wednesday night October 7 at 10:00 p.m. on ABC. In tonight's episode, Roxie seek for a psychic's help as she was haunted by the ghost of her daughter's former boyfriend. Kat decides to give Raymond another chance and Joanna finds out that her discovery of the new and different scandal is no accident. Eastwick episode 3 title is "Madams and Madames" with guest stars Matt Dallas as Chad, Tom Amandes as Pastor Dunn, Roma Maffia as Mme. Aleksandra, Christian Alexander as Gus, Darren Criss as Josh, Jodi Long as Mrs. Yang, Torsten Voges as Fidel, Jazz Raycole as Justine, Samantha Droke as Stephie, Brie Mattson as Amanda, Tim Sitarz as Frankie and Peggy Dunne as Ellen.

Eastwick episode 3 video spoiler


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