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Watch Cincinnati Bengals vs Houston Texans 2009 live game NFL week 6

Watch Texans vs Bengals 2009 live game in the 2009 NFL week 6 match-up. Bengals, the AFC North leaders will try for their longest winning streak in 21 years when they face the Texans on Sunday. The Bengals are in position to win a fifth consecutive game in a season for the first time since opening 1988 at 6-0. Meantime, the Texans (2-3) have alternated wins and losses due to problems in the red zone where they rank 29th in the league in efficiency, scoring on 13 of their 18 chances. They loss 28-21 against Arizona in week 5 and looking to bounce back against the Bengals on NFL week 6. Can Bengal earn its fifth consecutive game in the season against the Titans? Just watch Bengals vs Texans live game at Paul Stadium, Cincinnati. Texans vs Bengals game time start at 1:00 PM ET. Stay tune to CBS tv for the Bengals vs Texans score and result.


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