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Watch Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angels game 1 live online | 2009 MLB Playoffs series

Watch Red Sox vs Angels game 1 live online of the 2009 Major League Baseball AL Division playoffs series. Red Sox has been a tough match for the Angels, proof is the three of the Angels’ past five seasons which ended in the hands of Red Sox. They first met in the 1986 AL championship series with a come from behind win by Red Sox sweep the Angles in 2004. Meantime, Angels have lost 12 of their last 13 postseason games against the Red Sox, including 9 of 10 over the last three series. They have won 97 games and its third straight division title and set franchise records for runs (883), RBIs (841) and hits (1,604) with a lineup that featured nine .300 hitters as recently as mid-August. Can this records help them in taking game 1 against the Red Sox? Watch Angels vs Red Sox game 1 live in Fenway Park, Anaheim, CA, 9:37 pm EDT Thu Oct 8, 2009. Stay tune to TBS for the Angels vs Red Sox game result and score.


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