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Entourage season 6 finale preview online

entourage season 6 finale
Entourage season 6 has now come to its end and this Entourage season finale will be one of the episode to watch. And to add more excitement to the upcoming season finale here is the season's finale spoiler for you.

Matt Damon and Lebron James will be visiting us in Entourage season 6 finale and they was able to influence Vince to get involve before leaving for Italy. Ari and his wife has some issue to discuss about Terrance's company. Drama has decided to change a career.

Entourage season 6 finale is on Sunday night, October 4, 2009 with a title "Give a Little Bit". Watch Entourage season 6 finale live streaming on HBO at 10:30-11:10 p.m. ET/PT.


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