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2009 MLB NLCS game 5 - Watch Phillies vs Dodgers live baseball online

Watch Phillies vs Dodgers live 2009 MLB NLCS game 5 online. The Phillies is just one win away of becoming the 2009 MLB National League Champions and making it back to the World Series. After its 5-4 victory over the Dodgers in game 4, the series is now 3-1 in favor of the Phillies. The Phillies will try to end the series in game 5 and will not give chance to Dodgers to get back into the run. Last year, the Phillies eliminated the Dodgers in five games. Can Phillies end the series in five again this year? Meantime, Dodgers will try to send NLCS back to Los Angeles. Dodgers are keeping their hope alive, though, Phillies need only one win they are still positive that they can make it to the World Series however, they need to win three straight games to make it possible. Can Dodgers extend the series to seven and make it to World series? Just watch Phillies vs Dodgers 2009 MLB NLCS game 5 live at Citizens Bank Park. Phillies vs Dodgers game time will start at 8:07 pm EDT Wed Oct 21, 2009. Stay tune to TBS for Dodgers vs Phillies 20009 MLB NLCS game 5 score and result.


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