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Watch Shaq vs Michael Phelps live in Shaq Vs.

Watch Shaq vs Michael Phelps live swimming match on ABC. After a boxing match to the Golden Boy Shaq will take on Phelps at a Baltimore-area pool for the September 15 episode of reality show Shaq Vs. Shaq will swim 50 meters and Phelps will race a longer distance. They will also going to have a relay match where Shaq will be teaming up with some Olympic medalist swimmers while Phelps will swim every lap himself. Shaq which is obviously taller and bigger than the swimming superstar said, he's going to wear the suit that Phelps wore in the Olympics. He might take time to get into it but Shaq swear he's going to wear it. Shaq will get help from Phelp's coach, Bob Bowman.

I wonder if Shaq can finish 50m.

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