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Watch CSI: NY season 6 premier | CSI NY season 6 episode 1 online stream

CSI: NY season 6 preview

Watch CSI NY season 6 premier on Wednesday September 23rd, 2009 10:00pm on CBS. In this CSI NY season 6 episode 1, one of the member life is changed after the shooting incident at the bar and the other members use that as a motivation to find the shooter. The team is very puzzled about the shooter and they don't have any idea yet who could have done this to them. In this first episode of CSI: NY 6th season, a new cast will be introduce. Sarah Carter ("Shark") will join the cast as Haylen Becall, a Forensic School Graduate Who Works As a Crime Scene Clean Up Technician and Has Aspirations of Being a CSI.

Watch the CSI: NY season 6 and see how the team solve the pieces of the puzzle.


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