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Watch Brothers season 1 episode 1 series premiere 2009 | Brothers pilot episode online stream

Watch Brothers season 1 episode 1 as it premieres on Friday, September 25, on Fox. The all-new TV series which entitled "Pilot/House Rules-Anniversary" is a story of a former NFL player Mike Trainor (Michael Strahan) trying to make a fresh start together with his parents under one roof.

Here is Brothers season 1 spoiler:

"Mike Trainor seemingly has it all - he's a good-looking, wealthy and recently retired NFL player living the high life in New York City. With one phone call from his mom, Adele, Mike's life changes in an instant. He comes home to Houston to find that his brother Chill, whose life changed drastically after a car accident left him in a wheelchair, is struggling to keep his restaurant afloat and that his father's memory is not as sharp as it used to be. When Adele reveals everyone's secrets, the family decides it's time for a fresh start. Later, Mike's date spends the night at his parents' place propelling his mom, Adele, to set specific house rules for her very grown sons. As all the family members try to find their way living together again as adults, Mike and Chill are taken aback at their new assigned daily chores and strict limitations on overnight guests. Meanwhile, Coach forgets his and Adele's anniversary and lands in the doghouse, forcing him to come up with a creative way to make it up to her in the "Pilot/House Rules-Anniversary" 1-Hour Series Premiere episode of BROTHERS."

Cast: Michael Strahan as Mike; Daryl Chill Mitchell as Chill; CCH Pounder as Adele; Carl Weathers as Coach

Guest Cast: Jazsmin Lewis as Monica; Shvona Lavette as Janine


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