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Teen Choice Awards 2009

Update: 2009 Teen Choice Award result and winners

Watch Teen Choice Awards 2009 live as it reveals the ultimate winners on favorite movies, music,TV, athletes, stars, and other cool stuff by the teens across America.

Vampire romance Twilight gets the most nominations in this year's Teen Choice Awards 2009, which earned a total of 12, including Choice Movie for Drama and Choice Movie for Romance. Its main stars also earned nomination, Robert Pattinson for the Movie Choice Actor Drama, Kristen Stewart for Choice Movie Actress Drama and Cam Gigandet for the Choice Movie Villain.

This years Teen Choice Awards would be more exciting as the major teen heartthrobs the Jonas Brothers will host the presentation.

Watch 2009 Teen Choice Awards presentation on Monday, August 10, 2009 at 8PM ET.

See full list of nominees - 2009 Teen Choice Awards.


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