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2009 Tour de France Final Stage 21 - Watch the Final stage live

Watch 2009 Tour de France live online streaming as it drive through its final stage and the 2009 Tour de France result will reveal on July 26. The 3, 500 kilometer race is almost over and the racers almost reach its 21st and final stage but there are many racers still something to prove.

As the 96th Tour de France getting to its final stage, a lot of spectators puzzled if the come backing Lance Armstrong, once reign as a Tour champion, can finish the race with another tour championship. For now Armstrong ranked 3rd overall , 5:21 minutes behind from the No. 1 ranked Alberto Contador.

Can Lance Armstrong catch up Alberto Contador or he will be just contented at the no. 3 spot?

Just watch Tour de France 2009 final stage live streaming.

Tour de France 2009 stage 19 result:
Mark Cavendish finished first and snatched his ninth win in the 19th stage on Friday.

The top ten of Tour de France after 19 stages:


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