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Watch Detroit Red Wings vs Pitssburgh Penguins Game 7 Live - Stanley Cup Finals

Watch Detroit Red Wings vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 7 free live video streaming of the 2009 Stanley Cup Finals. The Penguins evened and push the series to Game 7 by beating the Red Wings in Game 6. It is a 'now or never' game for both teams who are battling for a decisive final game of the season for the 2009 Stanley Cup title. But a bad news for the Penguins because they will be playing the Game 7 in Red wings home. In history, home teams are 12-2 championship Game 7s and have won 80 of the 128 playoff series that have gone a distance. Will the home court advantage be the deciding factor in this series? Does the Penguins already figure out how to how to counter attack the Red Wings in their home? Who will win the 2009 Cup title, Red Wings or Penguins?
Watch Stanley Cup Finals: Penguins vs Red Wings Game 7 at exactly 8:00 P.M. ET.


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