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Alice in Wonderland 2010 film photos

New released photos of Tim Burton's own version of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland. The movie will tap on Alice's return to Wonderland, 10 years after she first visited it. Strange thing is, she doesn't remember anything about it. Mia Wasikowska a 19-year-old Australian actress will play the role of Alice. In the movie, Alice is a 17 years old lady who attended a party at a Victorian state who finds out that she's going to proposed in front of hundreds of snooty society types. Trying to escape at the party, she follows a white rabbit off the run into the hole ending up in Wonderland.

Other signature characters are Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen and Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" opens on March 5, 2010.

Images via [Yahoo] [USToday]


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Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or does the Mad Hatter look like the Mad Hatter from Angel Sanctuary?

Also, the Queen of Hearts looks like an evil Queen Elizabeth I. Hehe.

Is Anne Hathaway int this movie? The White Queen (or is it that the Duchess?) looks like her.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, they're doing the Red Queen/White Queen subplot. Wow.

I've never seen it played out in one of the Alice movies, so I'm really anticipating how they'll do it!