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NBA Playoffs 2009 - 2nd round match up

Whew! It is still fresh on my mind how Paquiao sent Hatton on the floor (and yeah, who could have forget that speeding and stunning left hook punch by Pacquiao landing on the chin of Hatton, that was sickening) Pacquiao won and once again gives pride to the Filipino people (of course that includes me, lol). Pacquiao vs. Hatton is over and now lets face another, maybe the most exciting and thrilling league in the planet, where amazing happens, the NBA.

The 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs 2009 is now ready and is all set. And here are the team match up on the 2nd round of the playoffs/conference semi-finals.

Eastern Conference

Atlanta hawks logo vs Cleveland cavaliers logo


Western Conference

Houston Rockets vs LA Lakers

Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks

It is just about to start but can't wait for the finals already. Who do you think will meet in the NBA 2009 Finals?

Meanwhile, the Denver Nuggets continue its winning in the playoffs as it beats the Dallas Mavericks in their game opener of their second round series. Nene scores 24pts, his playoff career high, to help the Nuggets.


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