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Manny Pacquiao forms own political party

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao is seemed to be determined in finding his place from the ring to the world of politics as he has formally petitioned his organization called People's Champ Movement to be accredit as a local political party by the Commission on Elections (Comelec). The People's Champ Movement will only be fielding local positions in General Santos City and Saranggani province as a local party. There is a speculation that the boxing champs would seek a seat in the House of Representatives, or maybe run for mayor, in the 2010 elections.
Pacquiao failed on his first attempt into politics in 2007 despite of his popularity. A lot of supporters urged Pacquiao to stay away from politics and avoid to be used by some advantageous politicians but still, it is Pacquiao who has the last say wether he will continue his pursue on the politics. Manny Pacquiao is also the party president of the said political party.

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