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Watch Bleach episode 246 raw video online| Bleach 246 English sub

The battle between the shinigami and the rebellious zanpakutou continues in the Bleach episode 246 which will air November 17, 2009. The title of Bleach 246 is "Tokumu! Yamamoto sō taichō o kyūshutsu seyo!" or "Special Mission! Rescue Captain Commander Yamamoto!". In this episode, Soul Society is on a mission for the search and rescue of the Captain commander Yamamoto. As we recall in the in the last part of the episode 245, it was revealed to Byakuya that Muramasa was able to kidnapped the captain commander and is under his captivity. No one knows were Muramasa hide or were the captain commander is, until Yoruichi appear in Soul Society and tell the captains that she knows were they can find Muramasa group. There is still a lot of things that hasn't been reveal yet but as the plot is getting to its final showdown, expect that more things will be reveal in Bleach episode 246 and the upcoming episodes. Be sure you don't miss any single episode.

Bleach 246 raw will probably be out first at around eight in the evening Asia Pacific Time Zone and Bleach 246 sub will follow probably the day after the raw. Keep waiting for the video to be embedded here.

Watch Bleach Episode 246 Raw Part 1

Watch Bleach Episode 246 Raw Part 2

Watch Bleach Episode 246 Raw Part 3

Meantime, as we wait for the Bleach anime video to be embed here, here's a teaser of Bleach episode 246.


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